Pasty is pronounced "pass-tee", \ˈpas-tē\. It doesn't sound like "paste". Definition one at Merriam-Webster says it correctly.

Most importantly, pasties are delicious.

National Pasty Awareness Week seeks to share this truth with all Americans.


Please join us by posting your stories, images, recipes, and encouragement on social media.

Pasty Awareness is best celebrated by eating several pasties. If you are lucky enough to live in a region where pasties are readily available, I suggest you go out and get some! Otherwise you should probably visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or try to make your own. Pasties are occasionally available outside of their traditional heartland, but the quality is usually suspect.


National Pasty Awareness Week promotes:

  • increased well being from eating delicious foods.
  • increased community building around the love of pasties.
  • increased tourism in pasty-bearing regions.
  • increased pasty related economic opportunity across America.


Pasty Aware images and content are licensed CC-by-sa.

The pasty images are modified versions of these originals:

  • “A traditional Yooper pasty (whole and a cross section; a beef pasty). Picked up from Muldoons Pasties, Munising, Michigan, USA.” (18 June 2009, Bobak Ha’Eri). Whole pasty and pasty cross section.