OpenRefine: Advanced Data Transformation with GREL Expressions

swished together white rolls of paper create maze-like pattern

This workshop will delve into using GREL expressions in OpenRefine, introducing strategies and features to do advanced wrangling of your data. Please come to the session with basic familiarity with using OpenRefine.

For an introduction to OpenRefine (including installation), see my other workshop Get Started with OpenRefine: Explore, Clean, and Transform your Data!.

This workshop was written with OpenRefine version 3.7.4–if you have an older version, please update.

Hosted by the Getty Research Institute, Division of Research and Knowledge Creation and co-sponsored by the Provenance Index Remodel project.


Citation: "Refine with GREL!", evanwill, 2023,

Content: CC BY-SA 2023 evanwill - Source Code.

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