Connect to AirVandalGold wifi on Linux

There is no automatic set up utility or documentation for University of Idaho’s AirVandalGold wifi network for Linux users.

I got it to work using these steps on Ubuntu:

  1. Go to ITS Tools page, click on ‘AirVandalGold Certificates for Linux’ and ‘Download Now’ (or try this link). Note: you will have to log in with your UIdaho account.

  2. Extract the certificate zip file to a permanent location in your home directory.

  3. From wifi menu, choose ‘Edit Connections’, then click ‘Add’
    • Choose connection type ‘Wi-Fi’, click ‘Create’

    • Give it a connection name (this is for your own use), AirVandalGold.

    • Under Wi-Fi tab add SSID: AirVandalGold

    • Under Wi-Fi Security tab select/add these options:
      • Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
      • Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
      • CA Certificate: Root-USERTrust.crt (click the directory icon, navigate to the location of the certificates you unzipped, and select Root-USERTrust.crt. Adding the other is not necessary)
      • PEAP version: Automatic
      • Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
      • Username: [your vandal web id]
      • Password: [your vandal web password]
    • Click save.
  4. You should now be able to connect!