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Epic Music! dh, js
Brand New Reel! dh, js
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Epic Tweets dh, js, poem
Markdown in a Minute md, tools
Pandoc for PDFs dh, md, tools
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Visual Studio Code Notes tools, editor
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Sonnet Thing dh, js, poem
Wget and Web Archiving workshop, tools
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Kill Unresponsive Apps using Terminal linux
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Create a GitHub Organization github
Using Cmder shell, windows
Git for Collaboration Intro git, github, workshop
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Introduction to Linux! linux, workshop
OpenRefine POST request with Jython refine, python
Setup Jupyter with Py 2, 3, and R python, r
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Using Cygwin shell, windows
Kids Apps on Linux linux, kids, fun
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Install OpenRefine on Mac openrefine
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Burn SD or USB for Raspberry Pi and more! linux, rpi, workshop
Ubuntu essentials linux
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Regex tips tips, tools
Connect to AirVandalGold wifi on Linux linux, wifi, uidaho
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Update Grub boot order on multi boot system linux
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Pi Py Poetry, Pi Day Remix python, dh, poem
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Download metadata from flickr flickr
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