Create a GitHub Organization

A GitHub organization is a useful tool to collaborate with a group and ensure continuity in situations with members may move on from a project or lab. GitHub organizations are NOT a separate account or profile, but are a group of users, i.e. you can’t log in as an Org. One or more persons can be the Owner with full admin control over the org including managing members.

To start an organization, click the plus sign icon on the upper right of the GitHub menu bar and select “Create organization”. Give your org a good name, preferably with no spaces, since this will be used for your page and URLs. Select the Free account. Then add members!

Now, when created a new repository, all members can use the drop down option to create the repository under their own account or under the organization. Repositories owned by the Org will be accessible and managed by the Owner accounts. They stay with the Org even if the original creator leaves the Org.

Accounts in your Org have one of two roles:

  • Owner = full admin access to everything
  • Member = can see all teams and members, and can create new repos

Your Org can create Teams. Set up teams to manage groups with access to specific repositories.

Education discount

Visit the GitHub Education page to learn about current discounts. In general, they grant free private repositories to non-profit, educational organizations for teaching purposes. Click the “Request a discount” button and fill out the request form will full information about your Org to get the discount applied.