Handy Linux Apps

Search the repository at Ubuntu Packages to find proper names to install with sudo apt install. If you want to install apps from outside the repositories, download the .deb. Install .deb via commandline using sudo dpkg -i package-name.deb, and remove with sudo dpkg -r package-name (note: the remove package name is not the same as the .deb’s name).

Text Editors


  • Password database: keepass2
  • File renamer: pyRenamer, older batch file renamer, but still works. Unique feature allows you to use a csv list to rename a batch of files.
  • Screencast: vokoscreen, or kazam
  • File transfer/sync: grsync (GUI rsync), meld (GUI diff and merge).
  • Backup: deja-dup
  • Rip DVDs: handbrake (note: the version in the repository is out-of-date, check the official handbrake site for instructions to install the latest)
  • Flickr uploader: frogr
  • Ebook manager: Calibre, if you have ebooks, this helps you manage them and connect with reading devices. It also has great built in editing and conversion tools.
  • Burn SD/USB images: Etcher
  • Firewall: ufw or gufw
  • caffeine keeps screen awake during movies
  • virtualbox VM manager, also if you ever need windows for some reason, get a legal windows VM

Image editing

  • Image editing: GIMP, gimp (the first time you open it, click “Windows” > “Single window mode” for a more usable experience). If you use raw images, check out Darktable. To play with HDR, luminance-hdr.
  • Vector drawing: Inkscape or Vectr.


  • SuperTux Kart, supertuxkart
  • SuperTux 2, supertux
  • Endless Sky, endless-sky
  • mari0
  • gweled

Handy distros