Handy Linux Apps

Search the repository at Ubuntu Packages to find proper names to install with sudo apt-get install. If you want to install apps from outside the repositories, download the .deb. Install .deb via commandline using sudo dpkg -i package-name.deb, and remove with sudo dpkg -r package-name (note: the remove package name is not the same as the .deb’s name).

Text Editors


  • Password database: KeePassX or KeePass2
  • File renamer: pyRenamer, older batch file renamer, but still works. Unique feature allows you to use a csv list to rename a batch of files.
  • Screencast: vokoscreen, or kazam
  • File transfer/sync: grsync, GUI rsync
  • Rip DVDs: handbrake (note: the version in the repository is out-of-date, check the official handbrake site for instructions to install the latest)
  • Flickr uploader: frogr


  • SuperTux Kart, supertuxkart
  • SuperTux 2, supertux
  • Endless Sky, endless-sky
  • mari0

Handy distros