Get started with Linux!

Please check out Try Linux, an updated version of this workshop.

MILL workshop:

Want to get started with Raspberry Pi or Linux on your laptop? This workshop will introduce the most popular operating system in the world! Although most people are more familiar with Windows or Mac, Linux OS runs the vast majority of web servers, super computers, smartphones (Android), TVs, and other electronic devices. You can also use desktop versions for free on your laptop or home computer! Come get an introduction to free and open source operating systems, and see desktop versions of Linux in action on Raspberry Pi and laptops. We will get oriented to the basics of the desktop and learn how to install it on a computer.

The following notes provide a TON of information about getting started with Linux. But first, take a deep breath… don’t get overwhelmed by all this information!

The barrier to getting started with desktop Linux on your own computer is much lower than you expect. Choose a Linux distribution (I suggest Ubuntu to start), create a live USB, plug it in to your computer, and voilà–you can try out Linux without having to install anything!

Learn all the details from these notes:

  1. Intro to Linux, learn about how to choose a Distro.
  2. Burn USB, learn how to create a Live USB install media.
  3. Boot USB, the tips and tricks to boot a Live USB.
  4. Demo time (explore the “live session” from the USB. connect to the wifi, try the apps, just don’t click install!)
  5. Command Line demo (optional)