Use Git locally to collaborate

you can use Git with out a cloud service to simplify collaboration in repository on a shared drive

Set up shared repository

Create a directory on the shared drive to hold the repository, then git init --bare. By convention, bare repos are given the extension .git.

cd /t/
mkdir newRepo.git
cd newRepo.git
git init --bare

The bare repo is not like a normal repository. It does not have copies of the working files visible, only the full git history. Bare repos are only for sharing and collaborating on a repo, not making changes to files. You will see the working files when you clone the bare repo to a normal repository locally.

On your local working drive, create a repository and add the bare repo as remote.

cd /c/
mkdir newRepo 
cd newRepo
git init
git add remote origin /t/newRepo.git
echo "init" > README
git add README
git commit -m "init"
git push -u origin --all


Now some else can make a copy of newRepo from the shared drive /t/.

git clone /t/newRepo.git
cd newRepo

Make some changes or a new branch.

git branch newFeature
git checkout newFeature
echo "new stuff" > newfile.txt
git add newfile.txt
git commit -m "new file"
git push --set-upstream origin newFeature

When you create a new branch you need to git push --set-upstream origin newbranch to set up the new branch in the bare repo.

If you already have newRepo, update by pulling (this should grab any new branches).

cd /c/newRepo
git pull

Now when the new branch is ready for prime time, merge it into master.

cd /c/newRepo
git pull
git checkout master
git merge newFeature
git push