Things to do when you get a new lenovo computer

  1. Uninstall everything from Lenovo! Its all sketchy bloatware and you don’t need any of it at all. Seriously. Win 10 has everything you need.
  2. Navigate over to C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo and look in all the directories there and click the unistall.exe files! Cause guess what? Lenovo put some even sleezer things in there that you can’t uninstall via normal means. Then delete all the directories.
  3. Just to be sure–You dont need anything in this ^ directory! Customer Engagement Service (CCSDK) and others log your activities and send information to weird unsecure web locations! Yuck!
  4. Go into control panel, device manager, and update drivers for wifi, audio, video, intel power management.
  5. okay, it should be better now!