OER on GitHub What, Why, & How

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Education workshop

Evan Peter Williamson, Idaho Libraries Association Conference, 2018.

GitHub is a free code repository hosting service with project management tools, wikis, and websites built in—it provides everything you need to create, manage, and publish an open educational resource (OER)! Hosting OER on GitHub facilitates creating materials that can be freely accessed, re-used, and adapted by others. This session will introduce examples of OER, from workshop handouts to full interactive textbooks, which demonstrate the possibilities for more responsive and flexible learning artifacts, providing benefits to both the students and instructors. It will cover the basics of how GitHub Pages, Jekyll, and Markdown can be used to create OER. While it might sound intimidating, this session aims to demystify GitHub and demonstrate ways to contribute for all skill levels. Participants will learn how GitHub provides an ideal platform for implementing collaboratively developed and actively evolving OERs informed by the principles of openness.

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