What is OpenRefine?

OpenRefine is a free, open source, Java application, that runs offline in a web browser.

“A power tool for working with messy data”

  • more powerful than a spreadsheet
  • more interactive and visual than scripting
  • more provisional / exploratory / experimental / playful than a database

David Huynh

Refine Screenshot

Exciting Trailers from Google!

If you want a visual introduction, check out these trailers from Google created for an early version:

Tabular Data

Refine can handle all sorts of data!


Comfortable performance up to 100,000’s of rows.

Use Cases

Clean - discover and fix inconsistency with faceting, clustering, cell transforms, GREL expressions…

Transform - change formats or reshape with split/join multi valued cells, split columns, transpose columns/rows…

Extend - enrich data by combining files, merging projects, fetching URLs, reconciliation with online databases…

Automate - reuse your processing routine by exporting operation history in JSON!