Setup Refine

To use Refine you will need a web browser (Firefox or Chrome) and an OpenRefine kit.

In the past, installing Java was required–however, this is no longer necessary on Windows and Mac! Check the official installation documentation or follow the instructions for your system below:


Note: if you would like to use the traditional Refine kit, check notes on installing Java on Windows.



Use Refine

  1. Start the Refine Java app: Starting Refine differs depending on your OS (see above), but in all cases the app will start running in a terminal window. This is the Refine application running in Java. You can ignore and minimize the terminal window (but do not close!).
  2. Use the GUI: Once Refine is running in a terminal, your default web browser should automatically open with the interface. If it does not open automatically or you close the browser tab, find the GUI by typing or localhost:3333 in your address bar.
  3. Shut down: close any browser tabs with the GUI, then stop the host terminal window with Ctrl+C (or Command-Q on Mac). This will ensure any open projects are saved.

The user interface is rendered by your web browser, but Refine is not a web application. Although it uses the term “upload” and “download”, no information is sent online and no internet connection is necessary. For best results, use Firefox, Chrome, or Chromium browser.

Thus, Refine has two parts, the terminal window hosting the Java and the browser tab hosting the GUI:

OpenRefine terminal and GUI