Hello Arduino: Introducing Microcontrollers, Code, and Simple Circuits for Everyone!

arduino uno development board

Learn about the Arduino electronics platform by making lights blink and buzzers buzz! Using simple, open-source, and interactive hardware and software components, Arduino makes learning code and creating physical computing projects easy. During this workshop we will build basic electronic circuits and program an Arduino micro controller. This is an introduction for beginners from all backgrounds, no experience with electronics or coding required!

  • Prep
  • Intro | topics: Microcontrollers; Breadboard; Input & Output
  • Code | topics: Code; Integrated Development Environment
  • Blink | topics: Circuit; LED; Output Pins
  • Buzz | topics: Piezo; Photoresistor; Tone Function
  • Resources

Hosted by University of Idaho Library, 2022.

Most of this workshop is based on projects from the official Arduino starter kit!

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